MILESTONE | Leading TON Blockchain Wallet, TonKeeper, Draws Over 1.3 Million Users in Nigeria, with 900K Joining in May 2024 Alone

TonKeeper is the leading wallet on the TON blockchain that offers staking services and private dApp browsing, while enabling users to purchase eSIM and gift cards with crypto.

The platform, listed as the top wallet on TON App, a directory of all apps available in the TON ecosystem, has seen rapid growth in Nigeria, according to the CEO, Oleg Andreev.


“In terms of reception, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. We currently have 1,300,000 active users in Nigeria, with an impressive 900,000 new users joining in May 2024 alone. This surge demonstrates the real-world applicability and demand for such a feature, especially in areas with limited access to traditional financial infrastructure.”


The growth of TonKeeper is attributed to the general success of TON Blockchain projects among Nigerian users. In particular, the recent phenomenon of Telegram – based blockchain games such as NotCoin is likely playing a big role in the May 2024 surge.

As reported by BitKE, NotCoin was a significant global project in May 2024, attracting more than 30 million users. These users earned points by interacting with various TON services, including TonKeeper, and other wallets, exchanges, and games. These points could later be converted into tokens tradable on exchanges, giving users tangible value.


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— BitKE (@BitcoinKE) May 17, 2024

According to Andreev, TonKeeper prepared for the NotCoin listing by introducing Battery service, which launched in late April 2024 along with $USDT on TON. The concept involves charging the Battery upfront, which then covers the fees.

According to TonKeeper, Tonkeeper Battery means you can receive tokens (stablecoins, NFTs etc.) and make payments with a token — without going to an exchange to buy coins to cover blockchain fees. TonKeeper Battery pays your fees for you, automatically. You can charge the battery with one tap using in-app purchases, or with $TON or stablecoins.


“This innovation was crucial as it allowed users without TonCoins to participate fully in the ecosystem. The success was evident as we processed over a million transactions through Battery, paying over $100,000 in fees in just two weeks. It validates the demand and utility of the feature, making blockchain access easier for newcomers without requiring them to invest in $TON initially.”


Officially, The Open Network, abbreviated as TON, was founded by Telegram in 2017 to enable decentralized services such as decentralized storage, anonymous networks, DNS, and fast payments through a proof-of-stake (PoS) method.

The TON blockchain has implemented several features in recent years, leveraging the Telegram app, cryptocurrencies, and other key technologies.

Most recently, Tether, the issuer of the world’s most widely used stablecoin, partnered with the TON Foundation to enable users to send crypto payments via the popular encrypted instant messaging service.

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— BitKE (@BitcoinKE) May 1, 2024




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