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HOW TO | How to Earn NotCoins By Playing to Earn on Telegram

NotCoin ($NOT) is a play-to-earn token within the TON ecosystem, mainly utilized in a Telegram-based game. In this game, players earn tokens by tapping a virtual coin and completing various in-game tasks.

The game was developed by Open Builders and attracted over 4.1 million players within a week of its official launch, reaching over 35 million total players as of May 2024.

MILESTONE | The NotCoin $NOT Token Launches on TON Blockchain, User Base Now Accounts for 0.4% of the Global Population

This large player base enabled Notcoin to attract ‘hundreds’ of Web3 organizations to advertise through the game’s ‘earn’ mechanics, according to the team.…

— BitKE (@BitcoinKE) May 17, 2024

Initially, players earn in-game NotCoins through a tap-to-earn mechanism within a Telegram-based game. Each tap earns 1 NotCoin, with a cap before the player’s energy needs to be refilled.  Players can also complete quests, join leaderboards, and utilize boosts to enhance their earnings.

The game promotes social interaction by enabling players to form squads, invite friends, and engage in community-driven activities. This approach has fostered a strong, active user base and a vibrant community on the Telegram platform.


How to Play and Earn NotCoin

To play NotCoin, you need to access the game through the Telegram app. Begin by opening the NotCoin bot in Telegram. The gameplay is simple: tap on a virtual coin to earn in-game Notcoins. Each tap awards you NotCoins, and the objective is to accumulate as many as you can.

Notcoin offers several boosts to maximize your earnings:

Rocket Boost (Turbo Mode): This feature substantially boosts the number of NotCoins you earn per tap for a limited time. Utilize it strategically to maximize your earnings without exhausting your energy

Full Energy: This boost instantly restores your energy, enabling you to keep earning NotCoins without waiting for natural energy regeneration. It can be utilized three times per day

Auto Tap Bot: This bot automatically clicks for you, earning NotCoins even when you’re not actively playing. It becomes available once you reach the Silver League and requires 20,000 NotCoins to activate

In addition to tapping, you can earn extra NotCoins by completing various tasks and inviting friends to join the game:

Tasks: Engage in in-game tasks, such as subscribing to Telegram channels or participating in community activities. These tasks can yield significant amounts of NotCoins as rewards

Referrals: Invite your friends to play NotCoin. Both you and your friends will earn bonus NotCoins when they join and begin playing. Users with Telegram Premium receive even higher referral bonuses

Finally, you can also participate in squads by either joining existing ones or creating your own. Squads enable you to compete on leaderboards and earn extra rewards based on your combined performance.

The game features five leagues:

Platinum, and

Advancing through these leagues showcases your expertise and commitment, unlocking more chances for rewards and acknowledgment.

Once you’ve gathered sufficient NotCoins, you can exchange them for vouchers. These vouchers are tradable for the $TON cryptocurrency on platforms such as GetGems, a TON NFT marketplace. This functionality adds a real-world value aspect to your in-game endeavors, linking virtual accomplishments with tangible cryptocurrency rewards.




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