Kenyan Crypto Fintech, HoneyCoin, Rebrands to Peer, an International Financial Super App for Consumers

Kenyan fintech startup, HoneyCoin, has rebranded its consumer software application, which is now called Peer, described as ‘the everything app’ for users ‘anywhere in the world.’

According to HoneyCoin, customers in Kenya and soon, Nigeria & the U.S., will be able to turn their wallets into real bank accounts. This means that you can now make payments like:

PesaLink, and

directly on the platform and at lower fees than banking apps, founder David Nandwa said in a blog post.


We’re launching our consumer platform under a fresh new brand, Peer.

We like to describe it as the “everything app” for users anywhere in the world.

Live on Play Store & App Store.

More here

— David Nandwa (@justvibesncode) January 26, 2024

The rebrand also comes with other interesting features, including:

The ability to book flights to local destinations within Kenya, a feature that is planned to expand to other countries and support international flights.
Moreover, users can purchase insurance from leading insurers within Kenya, directly from the application.

In 2022, HoneyCoin teamed up with celebrated Kenyan hip-hop music star, Octopizzo, to release 5 tracks as NFTs that could be purchased by anyone in Africa and the world on OpenSea. The fintech says it wants to do more of such NFT drops consistently.


“We’re turning this into a feature with a constant release schedule and with the most vibrant of brands- over the coming weeks we’ll be gradually rolling out exclusive drops with leading Spotify stores globally, so stay tuned.”


The rebranded app will also let users off-ramp their digital dollars, thanks to a partnership with MoneyGram. If you recall, in 2022, MoneyGram and the Stellar network implemented a global on/off-ramp service for digital wallets, making it possible for users to move seamlessly from local currencies to stablecoins to cash again, all without requiring a bank account or credit card.

The Peer app will also support direct remittances from the U.S. to:

South Africa, &


“We’re inches close to receive the necessary approvals in local markets so this is coming to Peer approximately days after launch.

We’ve processed millions of dollars since we launched, onboarded and are currently serving hundreds of thousands of customers who all trust us with their hard-earned money and for that we’re deeply grateful.Today, I couldn’t be more excited to announce an evolution of our consumer business by introducing you to Peer.”

– David Nandwa, CEO/CTO at Honeycoin



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