You are currently viewing NORTH AFRICA | BDO Morocco Advisory Partners with Naoris Consulting to Offer Blockchain Security Solutions in Morocco and Francophone Africa

NORTH AFRICA | BDO Morocco Advisory Partners with Naoris Consulting to Offer Blockchain Security Solutions in Morocco and Francophone Africa

BDO Morocco Advisory, a Moroccan business advisory firm, has partnered with Naoris Consulting to integrate Naoris’s solutions to their service offerings. Some of these solutions includes their blockchain-based security protocol.

The integration is specifically designed to meet the unique challengs of Morocco with the synergy between the two firms expected make it possible to develop tailor-made strategies, particularly around cybersecurity.


Speaking about this partnership, Zakaria Fahim, Managing Partner at BDO Morocco, said:

“We are excited to promote our strategic partnership for advancing decentralized cybersecurity using blockchain technology. This collaboration is key to providing innovative, secure solutions for Morocco and Africa.

Our shared goal is to develop advanced cybersecurity systems leveraging blockchain’ s decentralization and transparency. This partnership will enable us to offer robust solutions tailored to the unique challenges faced by our enterprises in Africa and globally.”


According to Naoris Consulting:

“We are excited to share a pivotal chapter in our story. We’re embarking on a strategic partnership with BDO Morocco, a union of vision and expertise to revolutionize digital transformation with cybersecurity as a backbone in Francophone Africa. Envision a landscape where every organization in Francophone Africa is empowered to thrive digitally, bolstered by unyielding cybersecurity.

This partnership is our stride towards turning that collective dream into a tangible reality, ensuring a safer and more innovative future for all.”


Recently, there has been an influx of blockchain companies and venture firms into North Africa, particularly in Morocco with recent examples being:

The Hashgraph Association
Verod-Kepple Africa Ventures, and now
Naoris Consulting

The interest into the region can be attributed to the fast-growing ecosystem which was named the second most popular investment region in Africa in 2023, the first time for the region to rank this high.

Morocco was also among the top 20 markets globally on the Chainalysis 2023 Global Crypto Adoption Index.




About Naoris Consulting

Naoris Consulting is a venture that extends the foundational principles and technologies of the Naoris Protocol into a consultancy and advisory firm. It aims to craft customized solutions to modern-day challenges through decentralization by leveraging Swarm Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and the Naoris Protocol. Central to its approach is the utilization of the decentralized cybersecurity framework provided by the Naoris Protocol to engineer high-impact, real-world solutions that bolster security and operational efficiency.

Through its collaborative consultancy and advisory services, Naoris Consulting not only delivers tailored solutions but also nurtures a deeper comprehension and utilization of blockchain and AI technologies. This collaborative approach ensures that the solutions generated are adeptly matched to the challenges faced by different industries.

Naoris Consulting is based out of Delaware, the United States of America.




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