You are currently viewing EXPLAINER GUIDE | How To Transfer Tokens from One Avalanche Chain (X-Chain) to Another (C-Chain)

EXPLAINER GUIDE | How To Transfer Tokens from One Avalanche Chain (X-Chain) to Another (C-Chain)

Avalanche (AVAX) tokens operate across various chains within the Avalanche ecosystem, each serving distinct purposes.

The X-Chain is primarily dedicated to trading
The P-Chain involves staking for Primary Network validation, and
The C-Chain facilitates the execution of smart contracts and covers gas expenses.

As such, if $AVAX tokens are initially on the X-Chain for trading but the user wishes to engage in smart contracts on the C-Chain or cover gas fees, a cross-chain transfer becomes essential.

For instance, the AVAX tokens whose price kept rising in late 2023 may have resided on the X-Chain where they were held for trading. However, to participate in DeFi applications, execute smart contracts, or leverage decentralized financial services such as staking and yield farming, it is unique for Avalanche that the user moves their assets to the C-Chain.

This process involves a two-step transaction: exporting funds from the X-Chain and importing them into the C-Chain.

The most straightforward method for transferring AVAX across chains involves utilizing the Avalanche Wallet, a non-custodial and secure platform designed for accessing and relocating $AVAX.


1.) Open the Avalanche Wallet and select ‘Access Wallet.’


2.) Log in to the wallet

3.) After successfully logging in, select ‘Cross Chain.’

4.) Choose the ‘Source Chain’ and the ‘Destination Chain” for the transfer. Then enter the amount to transfer below.

5.) Confirm the transaction and then click ‘Transfer.’

Upon completion, a notification will verify the successful transaction. The cross-chain transfer entails a two-step process: initially, a transaction is executed to export funds from the X-Chain, followed by another transaction to import them into the C-Chain.

The wallet will manage both steps and display the progress during the process.

To revert the $AVAX back to the X-Chain, perform the transfer in the reverse direction. Just switch the source and destination chains by selecting them from the dropdown menu for ‘Source’ and ‘Destination.’

The remaining steps in the process remain unchanged: input the amount, confirm, and execute the transfer.




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