LIST | Here Are the 17 African Countries Going to the Ballot in 2024

2024 promises to be a pivotal chapter as 17 nations across the African continent prepare to embark on the democratic journey of elections.

These elections are coming at a critical juncture with many citizens at home and abroad grappling with economic challenges, namely:

Rising food prices
Persistent inflation, and
Currency depreciation

As citizens prepare to cast their votes for new leaders in these countries, these pressing concerns will undoubtedly play a key role in not only shaping their countries, but also shaping the economic and political destiny of the continent.


1/3 of African nations (18 nations in total) will go to the polls in 2024, from South to Algeria coup-hit Mali, Chad and Burkina Faso.

— BitKE (@BitcoinKE) January 2, 2024

1.) Algeria

Population: 46M
Election(s): Presidency
Date(s): expected in December 2024

2.) Botswana

Population: 2.7M
Election(s): National Assembly
Date(s): expected in October
Freedom and Fairness Score:0.58

3.) Chad

Population: 18.6M
Election(s): Presidency
Date(s): expected in October 2024

4.) Comoros

Population: 0.86M
Election(s): Presidency
Date(s): January 14 2024

5. Ghana

Population: 34.4M
Election(s): Presidency, Parliament
Date(s): December 7 2024

6.) Guinea Bissau

Population: 2.2M
Election(s): Presidency
Date(s): TBD

7.) Madagascar

Population: 30.7M
Election(s): National Assembly
Date(s): due by May 2024

8.) Mali

Date(s): scheduled for February 2024, junta postponed indefinitely for ‘technical reasons’

9.) Mauritania

Population: 4.9M
Election(s): Presidency
Date(s): June 22 2024

10.) Mauritius

Population: 1.3M
Election(s): National Assembly
Date(s): TBD

11.) Mozambique

Population: 34.4M
Election(s): Presidency, Assembly of the Republic
Date(s): October 2024

12.) Rwanda

Population: 14.3M
Election(s): Presidency, Chamber of Deputies
Date(s): July 15 2024

12.) Senegal

Population: 18M
Election(s): Presidency
Date(s): February 25 2024

13.) South Africa

Population: 60.7M
Election(s): National Assembly
Date(s): expected May – August 2024

14.) South Sudan

Population: 11.2M
Election(s): Presidency, National Legislature
Date(s): expected in December 2024

15.) Togo

Population: 9.2M
Election(s): National Assembly
Date(s): expected in early 2024

16.) Tunisia

Population: 12.5M
Election(s): Presidency
Date(s): expected between March and June 2024

17.) Namibia

Population: 2.6M
Election(s): Presidency, National Assembly
Date(s): TBD



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