LAUNCH | World Mobile and Vodacom Partner to Trial Africa’s First Blockchain-based Commercial Aerostat in Mozambique

World Mobile, a telecommunications company utilizing blockchain technology, is set to employ a tethered aerostat – a lighter-than-air balloon to provide internet and mobile services in Mozambique.

This pilot project is being executed in collaboration with Vodacom Mozambique providing spectrum and resources.


“We are thrilled to unveil this venture in Mozambique, a country where rural connectivity is crucial for economic and social development,” said Micky Watkins, CEO of World Mobile.

“Our aerostats could be the key to unlocking internet access for billions. This technology is not just cost-effective compared to legacy telecom infrastructure but also quick to deploy, making it ideal for remote regions.”


ANNOUNCEMENT: We are excited to announce our collaboration with @Vodacom, using aerostat technology to help connect the unconnected in Mozambique!

Learn more below#WorldMobile #Vodacom #Mozambique

— World Mobile (@WorldMobileTeam) December 20, 2023

Initiated in November 2023, the project saw its first call using the technology on December 19 2023. The aerostat is positioned at an altitude of 300 meters (984 feet) and houses telecom equipment with the capacity to connect up to 100,000 users, as per the official announcement.

Described as the world’s first commercial aerostat, the World Mobile aerostat, supplied by a third party, is unpowered and delivers connectivity at a speed comparable to a high-speed fiber optics connection.

In prior field tests conducted in Kenya, Mozambique, and Nigeria, World Mobile utilized unused television spectrum and incorporated Starlink technology. Additionally, the company collaborated with IOHK, the Founder of Cardano blockchain, on mesh networks in Tanzania.

World Mobile employs an economic model where operators of its AirNodes technical equipment receive rewards in fiat currency. On its decentralized physical infrastructure network built on Cardano, blockchain node operators, stakers, and users engaging in staking for discounted services earn World Mobile Tokens (WMT).

In August 2023, World Mobile unveiled its app on Google Play, making it accessible to users in the:

United States
The United Kingdom

Additionally, the app is available in Zanzibar.





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