You are currently viewing HOW TO | How to Get Started on Trader Joe, a Leading Decentralized Exchange on Avalanche

HOW TO | How to Get Started on Trader Joe, a Leading Decentralized Exchange on Avalanche

In 2023, the Avalanche ecosystem continues to witness significant expansion in the cryptocurrency market.

Many investors are turning to decentralized exchanges (DEX), and Trader Joe stands out as the second-largest DEX operating within the thriving Avalanche Network, contributing to the ongoing growth of this dynamic ecosystem.

Over the past few months, Trader Joe has drawn a substantial user base to its platform, experiencing remarkable growth. What sets Trader Joe apart, and what factors contribute to its rising popularity?

Trader Joe provides a diverse range of services, including:

Token swaps facilitated by an automated market maker (AMM)
Staking opportunities for its native token, JOE
Yield farming
Borrowing and lending functionalities
Participation in liquidity pools
Leveraged trading options
An NFT marketplace
A launchpad for new projects

How to Get Started on Trader Joe

Accessing the Trader Joe platform requires connecting with a digital wallet, which serves as a secure storage solution for all digital assets, including tokens and digital collectibles (NFTs). Several wallets can be utilized to access Trader Joe, with the currently supported key wallets listed as follows:

MetaMask Wallet
Coinbase Wallet
Trust Wallet

Fund Your Wallet

To access Trader Joe, it is essential to have tokens (funds) stored within your wallet. This is necessary as your wallet will be responsible for signing and covering gas fees for each transaction you initiate.

Depending on the blockchain you are using, you may need specific tokens; for instance:

On Avalanche, AVAX tokens are required
On Ethereum, ETH tokens are necessary

and different chains may mandate different tokens.

To acquire AVAX or other tokens for your wallet, you can utilize any major cryptocurrency exchange, such as Binance or Coinbase. The process involves purchasing AVAX, ETH, or other tokens and withdrawing these assets directly to your chosen wallet.


Connect Your Wallet

Upon securing tokens in your wallet, you can proceed to the Trader Joe platform.

Trader Joe operates as a fully decentralized exchange, necessitating users to confirm transactions using their wallets.

Once you have connected, you can start to use the Trader Joe platform. You can put your assets to work across the different DeFi services listed on the platform.

Users are required to pay a small network gas fee for the execution of each transaction on the platform.





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