REGULATION | WorldCoin Reportedly Set to Return to Kenya in 2024 Following Talks with Government

WorldCoin, the cryptocurrency project is set to resume operations in Kenya after talks with the government.

According to local reports, an agreement has been reached to allow the US-based firm to resume operations under new guidelines.


“Operations are set to resume in early 2024,” said a source to the local media.

“WorldCoin is working directly with regulators to meet Kenya’s requirements, particularly as the Assembly considers new regulations. Stipends will remain and will expand to locations across the country.”


WorldCoin gained notoriety in Kenya as hundreds thronged some venues in the country to register to the WorldCoin program by scanning their iris using WorldCoin’s Orb device and receiving 25 WLD tokens, approximately KES 7,700 ($54.60) at the time.

Following the suspension of its services in Kenya in August 2023, a parliamentary committee that investigated its activities in the country found several breaches and inconsistencies when it comes to local regulations.

For instance, while Tools for Humanity, which initiated WorldCoin, is registered in the country as a data controller, data gathered from Kenyans was moved to WorldCoin Foundation, which was neither registered as a data controller nor as a processor.

The committee also decided that the Orb data gathering device is a telecommunication device with the ability to transmit real-time iris images converted into digital code to third-party servers hosted outside Kenya, and instead, its not a biometric scanner as WorldCoin reportedly declared at the point of entry in Kenya.

Since the Orbs, several of which were seized from WorldCoin warehouses in Nairobi, are telecommunication devices, the committee found that they did not go through type approval from Kenya’s Communication Authority.

WorldCoin is also accused of disregarding a cessation directive issued by the Kenya Data Protection Commissioner on May 30 2023 and went on collecting sensitive data. The organization is also said to have continued registration of Kenyans on its platforms despite a court order and a government suspension of its activities in Kenya.

The committee recommended the government develop a comprehensive oversight framework and policies on virtual assets and virtual assets service providers in Kenya within six 6 months.





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