NORTH AFRICA | The MetaMask ‘Buy Sell’ Feature Expands Integration with Egypt’s Vodafone Cash

MetaMask has introduced a new ‘sell’ feature on its mobile app, enabling users across the world to exchange crypto for cash easily.

One of these options is Vodafone Cash for MetaMask users in Egypt.

We’ve unlocked new ways to onboard to crypto around the world!

-Vietnam: VietQR, Mobile Money
-Philippines: GCash
-Indonesia: QRIS
-Thailand: Thai QR
-Egypt: Vodafone Cash
-Chile: Webpay

PLUS local transfers in Vietnam, Malaysia, Japan, and South Korea.

— MetaMask (@MetaMask) December 8, 2023

Speaking of the new features:

“Combined with the Buy feature, you don’t need to use an exchange to fund and cash out your wallet anymore, just open up the MetaMask app for less fees, faster cash delivery, and a more direct experience,Metamask said.

“With the latest mobile addition, you unlock faster cash to your destination of choice like a bank account, debit card, and PayPal balance (where available). Select ‘Sell’ in the menu bar to begin.”


Among the payment providers that users in Africa can use to exchange on MetaMask now include:

  Transak, MoonPay available with local banks in Nigeria,
PayPal depending on your region and currency of choice.
Egypt’s Vodafone Cash

MetaMask Mobile is available for download on iOS and Android. The MetaMask Mobile app makes it easy to interact with blockchain-based applications.

MetaMask mobile users can:

View and trade digital assets on the go
Manage crypto loans and balances
Play blockchain-based games
Sign messages
Send transactions, and
Store non-fungible tokens (NFTs)

How to sell your crypto on MetaMask Mobile:

Click the ‘Sell’ option from the menu bar at the bottom
Select the region where your bank is based from the dropdown list
Select cash account destination available in your location (example: bank account, debit card, or PayPal)
Enter the crypto amount you want to sell (example: 0.5 ETH)
Click ‘Get Quotes’ to proceed, all quotes from the different available providers will be presented in real-time. Select one to continue (remember, the cheapest option is presented to you first)
Complete the transaction on the provider’s portal to sign up and link your cash account
Review the order summary in your MetaMask app and confirm the transaction to send crypto to your cash account through the provider
Click on the progress notification to keep track of your order as it is processed.

NB: Times vary per provider, and funds may take a few days to reflect in your cash account.




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