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FRANCOPHONE AFRICA | ETHCameroon Meetup Elicits Large Public Interest

Many African youth continue to be drawn to the Ethereum community if a recent meetup dubbed #ETHCameroon that took place in November 2023 in Cameroon is to go by.

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A Look at #ETHCameroon meetup in Francophone Africa held in November 2023

— BitKE (@BitcoinKE) December 11, 2023

According to the organizers, the event was attended by 150 physical participants and more than 600 online, which is a testament to the region’s interest in crypto. The event included 2 days for speakers tour and 1 day of conference and workshops.


“This story is about a time when our application was rejected by Ethereum Foundation one week before the event, we had no funds and only 100 subscription for #ETHCameroon causing the dislocation of the team,” said organizer Cyrille Frank Teukam, a blockchain consultant in Cameroon.

“We did this for the local startups who opened their doors to our ‘speakers tour’ to create connections in the local Blockchain industry.”


While Bitcoin has garnered the most attention amongst African users as a digital currency, Ethereum is proving popular due to its diverse use cases and applications.

Simply put, Ethereum is a network of computers all over the world that follow a set of rules called the Ethereum protocol. The Ethereum network acts as the foundation for communities, applications, organizations, and digital assets that anyone can build and use.

The energy efficient blockchain isn’t just for digital money, anything you can own can be represented, traded, and put to use as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). On this blockchain, you can tokenize your art and get royalties automatically every time it’s re-sold or use a token for something you own to take out a loan.

As such, Ethereum is seen to have a big potential for social good in Africa, and the organizers intend to make ETHCameroon the biggest event for blockchain in Central and Francophone Africa.


The event was sponsored by amongst other organizations, the organizers said.

“Our deepest gratitude goes to the speakers who showed support and delivered top notch content, during this 1st edition of what is expected to be the biggest rendez-vous for blockchain in Central Africa and Francophone Africa.”




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